1704 Discovery Road, Port Townsend, WA 98368 Sunday Morning Worship 10 am

About Us

From the Pastor

The goal and hope of our church is to share the love of
God and the message of Jesus Christ with you and with
our community

Port Townsend, like all communities, has its own character,
challenges and needs.

Every week we help people move forward with their lives.
Sometimes that means helping them with the basic things
we all need.

But all of us are more than just the things we need to get 
by--we are all creations of God, and God has a will and 
purpose for each of us.

Come See Us!

Pastor Dr. Conrad Dodd


Our Purpose as a Church

"To share the message of Jesus Christ with those
who want to discover God's will for their life

To bring a message of faith, hope, and love to
   the people of Port Townsend.

To extend a helping hand to those who need it
    the most. 
To support healthy activities by opening our facility
    to other groups.
— To provide a safe place for teenagers and children 
    through activities and events.
               "To be a Good Neighbor!"