1704 Discovery Road, Port Townsend, WA 98368 Sunday Morning Worship 10 am

Our Beliefs


The original founders of San Juan Baptist Church chose to affiliate our church with the largest mission outreach organization in the world when they chose to partner with the Southern Baptist Convention. We believe that by partnering with other churches of like faith we can have a far greater outreach than we could on our own. We are also a part of the Northwest Baptist Convention and the Olympic Baptist Association. Though we identify with the many churches who make up our convention, our real identity is wrapped up in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Scriptures – We believe that the Bible is the inerrant and inspired Word of God. It is our compass and guidebook which gives us direction for life and beyond.

God – We believe that God is the absolute and sole creator of the universe. We are not here by accident, but God placed each of us here for a purpose which is to bring glory and honor to Him.

Trinity – We believe that God exists eternally and is a triune God. He has revealed himself as God the Father, God the Son-Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit-who guides us into all truth.

Sin – We believe that when Adam and Eve chose to disobey God sin entered this world, and sin separates mankind from a holy God. Due to sin, mankind must bear the penalty of his sin.

Salvation – We believe that while man is a sinner, Jesus Christ came and died to save man from his sin. He paid the price through his shed blood on the cross and if a person will accept what Jesus Christ did for him on the cross and will acknowledge their sin, they will be saved. We believe that salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone. He is the only way by which a person may come into heaven. We believe that when a person calls upon the name of Jesus to be saved they are immediately indwelt and sealed by the Spirit of God.

Second Coming & Eternity – We believe that one day Jesus Christ will come and gather up his church of faithful followers and will take them home to be with him forever. Those who have rejected Christ will be judged for their sin and will incur the eternal wrath of God and will live in eternal separation from God, a place the Bible calls hell.

Eternal Security – We believe that a true follower of Jesus Christ is secure in their relationship with God for all of eternity. Nothing we can do can break the seal of that relationship. But in our times of rebellion, God does discipline us.

Ordinances – We believe that the scriptures teach that every believer should be baptized in water by immersion to signify their new life in Jesus Christ. We also follow Christ’s instructions to partake of the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of what He did for us on the cross, and that he is coming again. These are the two ordinances in our church.

Membership – We believe the church is like a body, with every part functioning together. Therefore we encourage every believer to become a member of a local body of believers in the city where they live so that they can invest their God-given gifts and talents in order to help build up the body so it can be strong and healthy. We believe every church member should tithe in order to support the work of the church.

Spiritual Maturity – We believe that every follower of Christ should seek to grow in spiritual maturity through daily scripture reading, prayer, and Christian fellowship. Out of that daily pursuit with God will come an ever-increasing desire to minister to others in need.